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Odorless Garlic – Spring Valley garlic supplements

Odorless garlic supplements from Spring Valley contain a highly concentrated source of garlic which provide antioxidant, cholesterol and cardiovascular support. Garlic is nature’s antibiotic without the side effects of taking drugs.

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Odorless Garlic Benefits

Most people are put off by the strong smell of raw garlic with some even experiencing heartburn or stomach upset every time they include garlic in their meals. Taking odorless garlic pills will remove all the discomforts and side effects of garlic – You get the benefits of garlic without the offensive odor.

Modern scientific research has backed the claims by the ancient herbalists of the many health benefits of garlic. A single clove of garlic has 4 calories of which carbohydrates made up 85%, protein is 12% with fat making up 3%. However, the most beneficial as well as disease-fighting nutrients are its flavonoids and sulfur compounds, of which the most active is allicin. Chopping or mincing whole garlic bulbs at least 10 minutes before cooking will actually increase its cancer-protective properties.

Customers have given positive feedback regarding the Spring Valley odorless garlic supplements. They commented that the garlic pills prevent flu, good for tooth infection, hair growth, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure as well as boosting a strong immune system. There is absolutely no offensive odor and no aftertaste too.

Odorless garlic by Spring Valley – Review by a happy customer

Being of Italian heritage I know quite well the benefits of garlic. My late Italian grandfather used to always preach about garlic and how it detoxifies the blood. He lived to be 93 and died of natural causes. It simply keeps the system pure. Natures antibiotic. If you take it regularly you will more than likely not get a cold or flu when it goes around. It can prevent varicose veins, lower blood pressure, eliminate parasites and worms from your intestinal tracts, can prevent certain cancers, good for the entire cardiovascular system. Take your garlic and live long and prosper.(Johnny P.)

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So get your twin pack Spring Valley odorless garlic supplements today and start reaping its many health benefits.



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