Eating Raw Garlic Benefits Our Health

Raw Garlic Bulbs

Raw Garlic Bulbs

Benefits Of Eating Raw Garlic

The many health benefits of garlic have been revered for centuries all over the world. The Chinese have been using garlic as a medicinal food as far back as 3000 BC. Home remedies from old had included garlic in their treatment of all sorts of maladies, from coughs and colds to skin problems and even ear-aches. Numerous studies conducted have proved that the garlic bulb is indeed a storehouse of macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as the all important health-giving sulfur compounds. The main sulfur compound, allicin, is responsible for its characteristic odor.

It is exciting indeed as more and more health benefits of garlic are revealed and confirmed. If taken regularly. the bulb helps boost the immune system. Well-known as a broad-spectrum natural antibiotic, it can be safely taken as part of your diet, with no known side effects compared to drugs.

It has been found to act against even the most stubborn of the infectious viruses better than any synthetic antibiotics. Another benefit where garlic has shown great positive results is the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol. It works by sloughing off the plaque on arterial walls and boosting heart health.

How To Use Garlic

Eating fresh, raw garlic is the best way to reap its health benefits. Only just one clove of garlic a day is needed to lower total cholesterol levels by 10 to 15 percent in most people. There are so many ways to increase intake of the bulb. It imparts a nice aroma and flavor to most types of food,

Garlic And Honey Home Remedies

Garlic Home Remedies

especially sauces, salads or even soups.

Garlic and honey taken together acts as a precaution from catching cold. Soak some chopped garlic in honey for about a week and then take a

spoonful every morning and every night. Garlic, when taken together with honey and vinegar has proven to be a good fat removal from your body. Click Here! for more amazing facts about garlic and honey.

Another way to increase intake is to make a tincture and take it together with your favorite juice, tea or just water. You can easily make a tincture by pouring 300 grams of 96 percent alcohol onto 300 grams chopped garlic, in a glass jar. Sealed it properly, then leave it in a cool, dry and dark place for about 15 days. Strain the resulting liquid and stored in a glass container. The tincture is ready to be taken 3 times a day.

A more simple way to get your daily dose of the raw herb is to chop up some garlic, put it in a bowl and cover it with virgin olive oil. Take a spoonful, but you do not need to chew, just swallow with water. Chewing fresh parsley and mint helps in eliminating the garlic smell from your mouth.

If the garlic smell really bothers you or if you have a sensitive stomach, prone to gastric or stomach upsets, then garlic supplements might be an ideal option. Enteric coated garlic pills are only digested in the intestines. Odorless garlic capsules or the Kyolic aged garlic extract do not leave a garlic breath.

Daily intake helps to prevent catching the flu as well as maintaining a healthy heart and immune system.

It is advisable to check with your health care personnel before taking garlic supplements especially those on medications or going for surgery.